Each area is equipped with basic tools and material for general use.

Worktables, board cutter /Stanley knife (length 120 cm), cutting machine (knife length 45 cm), scoring machine (score length 60 cm) and standing press (press size 40 x 30cm) are available for use.

Relief printing (Wood- and Linocut, Letterpress)

proof press

Printing size 35 x 50cm 
(Paper size max. 38 x 60 cm)

platen machine with automatic feeding process "Gietz"

Printing size 30 x 44cm 
(Paper size max. 32 x 45 cm)

proof press

Printing size 70 x 100cm 
(Paper size max. 72 x 102 cm)     

manual platen machine

Printing size 20 x 30 cm 
(Paper size max. 21 x 32 cm)

proof press "Steinmesse & Sollberg"

Printing size 42 x 65cm 
(Paper size max. 50 x 72 cm)       

stamping press "Pressor"

Printing size 20 x 30 cm  
(Paper size max. 30 x 45 cm)

Intaglio (etching techniques)

Copper engraving, Drypoint, Hard and soft ground,

Aquatint (Box, max. Plate size 35 x35cm), Etching station with iron chloride.

Gravure/Engraving press "Plankenhorn"

Printing size 100 x 180 cm 
(Paper size max. 120 x 180 cm)

Gravure/Engraving press without label

Printing size 40 x 60 cm 
(Paper size max. 50 x 70 cm)


Planographic (Lithography)

Pen and crayon drawing, indian ink, scraping techniques, transfer techniques

Stone sizes: 25 x 40 cm, 50 x 65, 65 x 85 cm (rough size, variation)

Litho press "Krause" big size

Printing size 65 x 90 cm  
(Paper size max. 72 x 102 cm)

Litho press "Krause" small size

Printing size 35 x 50cm 
(Paper size max. 56 x 76 cm)